This Python script farms points for the "Top Users" leaderboard on Oracle Academy Application Express.
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This script runs random SQL dummy queries from a text file on an APEX browser window to accumulate points on the “Top Users” board


Oracle Academy Application Express has a “Top Users” leaderboard, where points are awarded for doing work on APEX. However, there are no limitations to how you receive those points. Running random SQL queries in a dummy table suffice for easy points gathering.


You need PyAutoGui for this script to work. Install using:

python -m pip install pyautogui

Then clone this repository:

git clone

You will need to open your APEX on a browser window, and enter the “SQL Commands” section, where you can run all the dummy SQL queries, and maximize the browser window to make sure all the space is used.

After setup, run the script:



The random queries run are saved in queries.txt. If you wish to customize the queries run at random, change the file and add one SQL query to run per line.